Students travel to our school on a bus network from a range of locations across the district. Our local bus network is part of a larger statewide School Bus Program network that provides travel at no cost to eligible government and non-government students living in rural and regional Victoria. This program is administered across the state by Public Transport Victoria (PTV). Students who attend their closest appropriate school, and who live more than 4.8 kms from that school, are able to travel on the local bus network without charge. Students who do not fit these criteria, however, can only access our local school bus service upon payment of an annual fare.


The flowchart on the next page will help explain the School Bus Program, and will assist in determining eligibility of students to travel on a school bus without charge. Categories of eligibility determine whether a student travels at no cost or travels upon the payment of a fare. Students wishing to access a seat on a bus must complete an application form and parents/guardians must agree to the conditions of travel including, if applicable, the payment of a fare.


To be eligible for a seat on a bus at no cost a student must:

  1. Attend their closest government school or closest appropriate non-government school, which is determined by the denomination of the school
  2. Reside 4.8 km or more from the school
  3. Reside in Victoria.

A flat fare of $120 per term/ $480 per annum is payable for each student who does not meet the criteria for free bus travel.

Eligible, exempt and ineligible students must fill in the appropriate SBP application form at the time of enrolment, or as individual circumstance change. These forms are available at our school office, or are handed to families as a component of our school enrolment packs. Parents must use Department-formatted SBP permission to travel application forms; using the correct forms creates consistency, fairness and ensures parents are aware of their obligations under the program.

Students and parents/guardians must agree to comply with the conditions of bus travel as stated on the back of all School Bus Program travel application forms, and must understand that school bus travel is a privilege and not a right.

Families may apply for special consideration for bus charges in complex and challenging transport circumstances (not including financial hardship). An application for special case consideration can be made through the school and requires DET regional endorsement and any documentation that supports the case. Please speak to the Principal for further information about special case consideration.



In a forecast emergency school bus services will be cancelled if any part of the route is deemed at risk. A rapid onset emergency may result in service cancellations and buses being held at the school or if in transit, the buses returning to the school.

Further information about the SBP can be found at