The school council has adopted a Healthy Eating Policy which is endorsed by the Department of Education and Training.  In compliance with the policy, food sold at the canteen meets the Healthy Eating Guidelines set by the Department of Health and DET; daily food offerings at the canteen follow an appropriate balance between green, amber and red coded foods.  Students can obtain snacks, drinks and lunches from the canteen at recess and lunchtimes every day. Prices are kept to a minimum, and please note that credit is not available.


The school canteen is managed by a school employee. A roster of parent volunteers allocates one parent volunteer to assist the canteen manager each day.  Parents provide valuable assistance for the preparation of lunches and the selling of food at recess and lunchtimes. Parent help is greatly appreciated and critical to the continuous operation of the canteen. A list of items is available are published each term in the newsletter and available on the school website.  Items may be purchased at morning recess and lunchtime.  Lunches must be ordered before school. A lunch basket is provided for each room for students in Years Prep to 6, which is couriered to and from the canteen by class monitors. Lunch orders are placed in these baskets.  Years 7 to 12 students place lunch orders in the class roll during form assembly.